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From alpaca’s you can meet. All Natural Colors. No Dyes or Additives in Phi Beta Paca™ Brand yarns. Paca Bright ™? Yarns are 50% natural Phi Beta Paca™ Alpacas and 50% dyed bamboo. I created this line for those who love color, but still want to purchase their yarns from a farm they can visit where all of the alpacas are loved and named.

Jumpin’ Jive. United Hub- Her Art Here
Blow Your Horn Her Art There

Ole! United Hub- Her Art Here

Saxy Jazz. Her Art Here

Phi Beta Paca Yarns come from alpacas raised or born at Phi Beta Paca in Taos, New Mexico. When you buy a Phi Beta Paca brand yarn, you are welcome to call and make plans to meet the alpaca who grew your yarn.