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El Griego light silver gray yarn with bling @100g@ : $75 per skein 105 yards worsted

Order with or without bling.

 El Griego is an exceptional alpaca. His light silver gray fiber dazzles.  With a bit of subtle bling added at the mill the effects of his yarn are waiting to add subtle drama to your knitted or crocheted .  

 Phi Beta Paca El Griego is known as "The Kissing Alpaca".  He brings joy to residents of the Taos Living Center, as well as to children and retirement centers.

 He does all this while growing superb fleece.

Little Known Fact:  El Griego is named for legendary flamenco singer, Vicente Griego, from Dixon, NM. Vicente said "when he (Griego) is old enough I will teach him to sing."

In the mean time your needles or crochet hook will sing when you are creating from his bling enhanced light silver gray yarn.

El Griego with bling. 11 skeins available 105 yards, bulky. 

if bling is an anathema to your psyche, Griego wants you to be happy, so he had his light silver gray produced without bling as well.  This yarn is trade 4, 100g bulky, @75 yards to the skein. 6 skeins available.



N.B.  All skeins are  subject to prior sale.   Weights and yardage are approximate as they are provided by the mill. 

Updated January 10, 2017